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Poems for Mindful Writers: # 8 & # 9

Posted by Madhu B. Wangu on July 30, 2014



Poem # 8
Simply Write

Simply write!
Do not speak of writing.
Do not speak of publishing.
Do not speak of other people’s writing.

Sit still in silence and solitude.
When body, heart and mind are one,
When your senses have moved inward,
Let the stream flow.
Unravel your knots in spontaneous words.

Other writer’s success or failure does not affect you.
Profit or loss does not touch you.
Praise or criticism does not ruffle you.
Derive pleasure solely from writing.
Experience the bliss.

And simply write!



Poem # 2
Door of Opportunity

A careless critique from a fellow writer?
Return her’s with honest comments.

“Here” she hands you the draft. “I have pointed out your weaknesses.”
Show her where her strengths lay.

She grabs the opportunity that was rightfully yours,
Congratulate her on her success.

By critiquing honestly,
By learning from your own strengths and skills,
By preparing through tough circumstances,
Attain the strength no one else can.

When you are ready inward.
The door of opportunity opens only for you. 



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