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A TOOTH FELL Poem # 4; WHO AM I? Poem # 5

Posted by Madhu B. Wangu on April 21, 2014

A Tooth Fell
Poem #4

A tooth fell…
A milk tooth from a five year old.

A tooth cracked…
A hollow tooth from an eighty-five year old.

The first one blossoming to life,
The second withering away from it.

The first learning about the elements.
The second merging back into them.

 A fender falls here, a tire there.

Identify with the body, disintegrate like an old car.
Become self-aware, merge back into consciousness.



Who Am I?
Poem # 3

 Who am I?

 By paying attention to one personal thought
I come to know all my thoughts. 

 By attending to one honest feeling
I come to experience what flows within me. 

By doing one genuine act, uttering one truth
I know what my actions are aimed at. 
I make invisible, visible. 

By attending within
I get to know my authentic Self.
That’s who I really am!


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