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Poems for Mindful Writers # 10, 11 & 12

Posted by Madhu B. Wangu on August 18, 2014

Hi All,

The three poems posted here are from a set of five (# 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12) which I have composed to inspire mindful writers and readers. I wrote these poems especially for those individuals for whom writing mindfully is not only to progress in their professional writing but also a way of elevating their personal lives by a conscious endeavor.  

Working as a professional artist for more than a decade I painted beautiful landscapes and impressive portraits. (I can say that because I no longer paint. When I look at those works hanging on the walls of other people’s living rooms, I am detached; I feel as if someone else has painted them.) Since then I have realized that elevating my life is far more challenging and gratifying than creating a work of art. The best discovery I’ve made is that in practicing Writing Meditation I can simultaneously do both! 

Writing Meditation helps me progress in my writing life and tread on my spiritual path. I hope the set of five poems inspires you to strengthen your writing as well as spiritual goals. 

If you have not read poems # 8 & # 9 please see the previous post on this website. I look forward to your comments.


Poem # 10
Mindful Writing 

I sit still.
Same place.
Same time.
A silence speaks to me.
It speaks of complete surrender,
to feelings,
to thoughts.

Words flow out.
Shifting me to a fictional dream.
One with the silence, I scribe.
Yesterday’s suffering transforms into compassion.
Yesterday’s trial into courageous act.
Yesterday’s transgression into redemption.

The dream has no second.
Mind-born from the source within.


Poem # 11
Yoking to the Flow

Unseen silence dwells in the lotus of my heart.

It envelops me,
flows out as my scribbling.
Yokes me to my consciousness.
Expresses what lays hidden deep.

Revealing myself to me.


Poem # 12
Writers Write! Readers Read!

Write alone,
Let the vital energy emanate.
Write with others,
Feel charged with collective energy.

Go on a quest.
Conquer demons.
Find the elixir.
Express the experience.
Write gifts for readers.

Read in silence.
Reinvigorate the energy that exudes.
Rejoice in the gift.
Connect to the writer, the giver.

To glorious energy beyond writer, beyond reader—
To timeless creative act. 


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